tax penalties

Self Employment Late Filing Tax Penalties 2018/19

Late Filing Tax Penalties This month I have received numerous telephone calls from individuals in prison, that have received self-assessment …

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ex-offender becoming an entrepreneur

How do Ex-Offenders become Entrepreneurs

How Do Ex-Offenders become Entrepreneurs? In this article I am going to explain how an Ex-Offender become Entrepreneur. According to …

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HRMC Tax Codes

What is My HRMC Tax Code? There is much confusion about HRMC tax codes and rarely do employees challenge them. …

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Becoming Employed on Release

Many of you when released from prison will be becoming employed on release and working for an employer.

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COVID-19 and the UK Government’s financial response

Corona Virus & UK Economy News What will be the effect on the UK economy news. Since the public lock-down was …

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Prior to your release (if you are able to through resettlement), or as soon as you can after release, I …

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