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National Insurance: A tax with benefits? Part 1

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  • Post published:September 1, 2020

I quite often get asked questions about National Insurance, particularly as to how it is calculated and what it is used for. In this article I give a brief overview of how National Insurance is calculated and the benefits it directly pays for.

Whether or not National Insurance should be called a ‘tax’ I will leave this up to the reader.

You will note that there are no direct state benefits from paying Class 4 contributions.

National Insurance Number
You only ever get one National Insurance Number and you need to look after it! Do not share it with anybody who does not need it. Organisations that will need your National Insurance number include:

Your employer;
Department of Works and Pensions;
Local council – claiming housing benefit;
Electoral registration officers;
Student loan company;
Pension provider and financial services companies.

In Part 2, I will cover such areas as National Insurance Contributions paid by foreign nationals whilst working in the UK and how to locate a lost National Insurance Number.

Prior to going self-employed on release remember to get your tax affairs in order
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