Paul Retout – a brief history

Paul Retout is a leading tax specialist. Paul has run seminars in both HMP Wandsworth and HMP Brixton, and visited several prisons where he has provided tax support to prisoners including HMP Hewell.

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Who is Paul Retout?

Paul also works with a number of resettlement departments within prisons. His work has been recognised by both HMRC and the Ministry of Justice. To visit his personal website please follow this link. His work focuses on prisoners and ex-offenders. He helps in the following ways: –

Removing Boundaries

When somebody enters prison, their taxation affairs are typically left to ‘fester’ in the mistaken belief that the prisoner is somehow protected from dealing with HMRC. Make no mistake, HMRC will continue to pursue an individual whilst in prison. For outstanding tax affairs including tax debt.

See Things Clearly

The Tax Academy helps prisoners with their tax affairs in prison by currently providing free taxation support. In particular where accountants have simply abandoned their tax affairs. Most importantly we conduct a dialogue with HMRC on behalf of the prisoner.

Individual Support

For the first time the prisoner has a ‘customer voice’ within HMRC. We sit on the HMRC Individual Stakeholder Forum, and represents the entire prisoner network. We have also recently worked on a joint project with HMRC exploring the prisoner ‘customer journey’.

Tax Debt

We provide that necessary tax support and advice to prisoners. Prisoners have a point of contact for assistance with their tax affairs whilst they are in prison. We also provide help and support on the outside when they are trying to establish a business or gaining employment. This support is sadly lacking when prisoners are released from prison as part of their resettlement.

Post Release

We also work with prisoners after release to ensure that their tax affairs are kept current and help them understand their tax obligations. Prison provides an ideal to opportunity to bring prisoner tax affairs up- to-date. We also help to educate prisoners on taxation matters and preparing for them to be reintegrated into society.

Social Enterprise

“The tax academy CIC is social enterprise, purpose of which is to provide tax support, education and training to unrepresented taxpayers, and in particular to those with criminal convictions i.e. prisoners and ex offenders.”CIC